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What is the Independent Insurance Agent Conglomerate?

A community of independent insurance agents looking to learn how to scale their business and expand their careers.

Reaching the next level of your career can be like swimming through molasses. What would it be like to…

⚡️ Gain higher & lifetime commissions paid directly to you from insurance carriers.

⚡️ Increase lead generation without spending a dime.

⚡️ Obtain quick schooling to plan, build & maximize the career you have already chosen.

What you will receive when you join the conglomerate:


⚡️ Non-Captive Environment.

     That’s right! You are free to leave anytime.

⚡️ Lessons from Neil Schwabe, himself, through NSU.

     NSU? Neil Schwabe University. Learn More Below.

⚡️ Access to a Digital Marketing Specialist.

     Optional consulting and services. 

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During enrollment in the Conglomerate, you will be provided with a password and URL to Neil Schwabe University. There you will find video lessons on top strategies and opportunities to set up 1-on-1 lessons with Neil. Lessons will include:

⚡️ Learning to grow your client base through referrals.

⚡️Business Psychology & Sales Strategies.

⚡️ Maximizing your current client base by cross-selling. 

⚡️ How to retain your book of business.

Franchesca Cecilia provides digital marketing services to small businesses and personal brands online. She specializes in…

⚡️ White Hat SEO

⚡️ Social Media Management

⚡️ Email and SMS Marketing

⚡️ Website Development

⚡️ Brand development

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